Tuesday, November 09, 2004

News From The Right

November 9, 2004


According to the Wall Street Journal editorial board, "President Bush should give voters what they want: conservative Justices....To set the proper tone, Mr. Bush could begin his new term by re-nominating every candidate who was filibustered and is willing to go through the process again." WSJ also recommends that Bush make a recess appointment to the Supreme Court should Justice Rehnquist retire early. Read

Life News repeats rumors floated by Matt Drudge concerning President Bush’s interest in appointing Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Read

Commentator Oliver North on the Supreme Court: "Conventional wisdom holds that during the next four years as many as three seats could open on the Supreme Court. During his first term, Democrats waged an aggressive, obstructionist campaign against the president's judicial nominees. If they are serious about their desire to create a bipartisan spirit of cooperation in Washington, Democrats will have to welcome jurists who value human life, the sanctity of marriage and our Judeo-Christian heritage." Read

The editors of the National Review urge the Senate to keep Orrin Hatch in charge of the Judiciary Committee: "...Senate Republicans need the steady hand of Utah's Orrin Hatch. His experience as chairman of the Judiciary Committee will prove to be a vital resource in the months ahead. The same goes for the bulk of his staff, which has already confronted Democratic obstinacy and won't waver as it joins the battle once more. Forcing Hatch and his aides to quit the committee over blind obedience to a seniority rule whose purpose is to keep the Republican party strong would be the political equivalent of a self-inflicted wound. Given the extraordinary circumstances, now is the time to make a narrow exception." Read


The Free Congress Foundation's Paul Weyrich writes, "So God is indeed a Republican. He must be. His hand helped re-elect a President, with a popular mandate, whose job approval ratings were the lowest since ratings began of any President who has been re-elected." Read

The Independent Women's Forum notes that President Bush has managed to "collapse" the gender gap in a move that is a "big blow to leftist feminist groups like the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority. It really shows that they no longer speak for women." Read

EducationThe American Civil Liberties Union and a group of parents have filed suit in opposition to warning labels on Atlanta biology textbooks that state that evolution is "a theory, not a fact." Read


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