Sunday, November 07, 2004

Oregon: Right-wing vandals leave mark of hatred at OSU Pride Center

Pride Center vandals missed the memo

.......No windows were shattered, no graffiti tagged, and presumably, no laws were broken.

But the people who covered OSU's newly relocated Pride Center with "Yes on Measure 36: One Man, One Woman" signs and stickers damaged more than this university's reputation as a place for "open minds" and "open doors.".....

....A "Yes" on Measure 36 vote adds to the Oregon Constitution a declaration that only marriage between one man and one woman is valid or legally recognized as marriage.

It can be argued that supporters of the measure are not necessarily homophobic, but believe instead in the preservation of marriage as it has traditionally been recognized in this country -- exclusive to husband and wife.

Therefore, it seems that those who vandalized the Pride Center on Thursday missed the memo: Supporters of Measure 36 do not necessarily want to be represented as anti-LGBT......


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