Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lars Larson Explodes On Radio

November 3, 2004
Larson voices anger on air after death threats to wife

Local conservative radio talk show host, Lars Larson, exploded on air Wednesday in response to several death threats against his wife.
"Let's make this deal. Stop threatening my wife. Come and threaten me, so I can just fill you full of bullets. You come threaten me in person. You bring it on, but leave my wife out of this," Lars said in response to the threats to his wife and family.

Larson spoke about how disturbing the calls were on air to listeners, explaining that they brought his wife to tears.

"They said, 'We're going to come and rape your wife to death - we're going to rape her until she bleeds.' If this is offending anybody - good! 'Cause I'm mad," Larson said.

Larson said police have been slow in responding to the threatening phone calls against his wife.

"My wife gets death threats - and I cannot get any help from the cops. Ya' know this is so messed up I cannot believe it." Larson said. "I have been telling the police about this for two weeks and I am not getting any help."

In an interview with KATU, Larson said he carries around a gun for self-defense, and he has a right to protect his family by any means necessary.

"It's the only defense you have to make people afraid of coming after you because I have no other way of protecting my family," he said. "It's not extreme at all."

The phone threats to his wife and family go back one year, after filmmaker Michael Moore publicly aired Larson's cell phone number at a rally in Portland.

Larson's boss said that he stands by Larson's statements on the air.

Full Dialog: Lars Larson speaks about the threats


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