Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Talk Show Host, Lars Larson says "discrimination in the constitution is good"

October 5, 2004

Oregon-During a phone interview today with Gorgene Rice of the Yes on 36 Campaign (Oregon anti-gay marriage amendment), Lars Larson, an Oregon talk show host, made the statement that having discrimination written into the (Oregon) Constitution is good.

The response came from Larson when a caller by the name of Jimmy raised the concern that if Measure 36 were to pass, it would write discrimination into the Oregon Constitution by denying equal protection under the law.

The caller expressed futher that "The constitution isn't there for you (meaning Lars Larson and the Yes on Measure 36 campaign) to discriminate." Larson responded, "as a matter of fact it is". Jimmy further stated, "Your writing discrimination into the constitution", Larson responded again, "yes we are. In fact, some discrimination is good".

Lars Larson, of course, believes discrimination belongs in the Oregon Constitution. I wonder how many other Oregonians share this belief. ~Amadeus


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