Sunday, October 03, 2004

Setting The Record Straight: Bush Military Service


Associated Press

BUSH SERVICE President Bush never was disciplined while serving in the Texas Air National Guard, never failed a physical and never asked his father or family friends for help to get him into the Guard during the Vietnam War, the White House said. The statement came in response to a dozen questions submitted by The Associated Press in light of accusations about Mr. Bush's service. The Texas Air National Guard stripped Mr. Bush of his pilot status in August 1972 for failing to take the annual medical exam required of all pilots. Former Air National Guard officials say it was rare for a pilot to skip his physical exam. The A.P. asked whether Mr. Bush ever participated in a disciplinary process during his Guard service, whether he ever received a critical report or was ever present for a conversation in which his performance, conduct or physical condition were raised by a superior officer. "No and this is clear from the president's records, which have been made public," the White House said in an e-mail response.


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