Friday, October 01, 2004

GOP prompts it's members to vote for Bush in on-line polls after the debate

Yesterday I recieved a link from a local GOP activists prompting me to vote for Bush in various on-line network polls. At first I thought it was a joke and then I realized that the GOP already knows Bush is a joke which is why they need their minions to log on and stuff online polls. That aside, the link took me to the GOP website, whereas the message below was posted.

As for the statement that the Democratic Party sent out an email encouraging grassroots activists to participate in online polls, I recieved nothing of the sort. I am one of those grassroots activists that they are referring to and I didn't recieve this so-called email. I checked with several of my collegues, but they didn't recieve this so-called email either, nor was it posted on the DNC website.

If anyone has it, put it in comments. I am curious to see it. I will be contacting the GOP headquarters this morning to see if they can actually produce this email.

Vote in Online Polls After the Debate

The Democratic Party recently sent out an email encouraging their grassroots activists to vote in online polls regarding the debate. Don't let them fix the results! Make sure your voice is heard!

Vote in Online Polls After the Debate

After the debate, visit national and local news sites to vote in online polls about the debates.

Sites With Active Polls

CBS News

Sites That Will Probably Have Polls

ABC News
Fox News
USA Today

Here is a response from one of the Bush supporters regarding the debate. It was posted on the same page as the above message:
homosexual4bush 10-1-2004 3:36:36 AM
Hey Kerry! Who cares if Bush lied about Iraq to get us into war. You have to lie to get anything done in the world today. 1000 dead isn't much, either. It's a small price to pay to insure that Saddam won't use those nuclear weapons he certainty had on us.

You gotta love the GOP. With people like this, it is any wonder why we have idiots like Bush running this country. ~Amadeus


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