Friday, October 29, 2004

Oregon: Democrats keep heat on Mannix, GOP

From news sources
Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2004 1:41 PM
Reference Code: PR-19052

October 28 - PORTLAND - On Wednesday, State GOP Chair Kevin Mannix tried to distance himself and his party from the national party and their unscrupulous voter registration fraud efforts in Oregon. The only problem is that Sproul & Associates were operating out of local republican office and working under the supervision of Mannix and the state party officials.

According to an AP article, Mannix said his party doesn't gain from fraudulent voter registrations. Mannix said he was assured that his people didn't add anything to the registration cards or make any changes. But he can't speak to what Sproul staff members did, and there might have been some people hired by the company who violated the rules, Mannix said.

Unfortunately for Mannix, he should have known what was going on in his own county offices. Sproul and Associated were working out of the Washington County Republican Offices and were likely stationed in county offices around the state.

Either Mannix is as out of touch with reality and what is going on around him or he just doesn’t want to admit to fraud.^3Far_id^3D19052.htm


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