Wednesday, October 27, 2004

American Taxpayers Foot Huge Bill for Mess in Iraq

The Washington Post reports this morning that the Bush administration plans to request an additional $70 billion in emergency funding for Iraq and Afghanistan. These new costs—on top of the $144 billion already spent—only reinforce the administration's misleading promises about Iraq and its inability to plan effectively for the post-war environment.

  • The administration ignored warnings about Iraqi insurgents before the war. Prior to the invasion, the Bush administration was explicitly warned of an Iraqi insurgency by top officials at the State Department, the National Intelligence Council and the Army War College. The administration ignored these warnings, preferred to believe its own rhetoric about being greeted as liberators, and failed to effectively plan to secure Iraq after the invasion.

  • The administration allowed 380 tons of explosives and sensitive nuclear equipment and materials to be looted from Iraq, endangering our troops. The failure to anticipate and plan for the post-war insurgency left these deadly materials free for any one to take. Now, our troops must face a growing insurgency and well armed opponents seeking to make the most out of the administration's post-war blunders.

  • The American people are the only ones to pay for Bush administration miscalculations. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld decided to send fewer troops to Iraq than the military recommended, too few to secure places like Al Qaqaa. Costs continue to escalate in a conflict Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz said would pay for itself relatively quickly. The administration not only doesn't admit mistakes, but also doesn't believe in accountability.


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