Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christian Conservative Group Sends Porn Link To Subscribers

An Action Alert was sent out by The Alliance Defense Fund on November 29th with the article headline, "DOJ’s Anti-Porn Efforts Well-Funded for 2005", VN Online, Scott Ross, 11.29.2004

After clicking on the link, instead of being taken to Christian News Online or some conservative publication, World Net Daily or National Review, you are sent to a porno site, AVN one of the premier porn online magazines.

Quote From The Alliance Defense Fund Website:

"The Alliance Defense Fund labors to defend the family. The family is the most basic unit of any society, and the foundation of America. Without healthy, functioning families, a culture cannot survive. God has defined the ideal for family as one man and one woman, married for life, and those related to them by blood, adoption, or marriage."


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