Wednesday, October 13, 2004

GOP Backed Voter Registration Fraud

October 13, 2004

Voter Registration Fraud

By Nick Voll

Eugene - The state is investigating allegations that a Portland canvasser may have destroyed completed voter registration forms. A recent report says that a man paid to register voters was instructed to only accept Republican registration forms.

"Voters Outreach of America," the company he claims to work for, is largely bankrolled by the GOP. But the Oregon Republican Party says the man never worked for them.

This is the second complaint in one day against the company. In Las Vegas, Nevada the company's one-time registrar says his former employer only paid workers to collect Republican registrations.

Talking about his former boss, Eric Russell said, "We caught her ripping up the registration of Democrats, ripped them up right in front of us."

Russell saved some of the torn-up documents, and the county elections chief confirmed those registrations never made it onto Las Vegas voter rolls.


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